The Lone Architects (TLA) was founded on the 1st of April 2017 by Remy Jansen, in Utrecht the Netherlands. The mission is described on the Mission page on this website. The Lone Architects is currently a one-man office but is working together with other companies depending on the projects. This explains the "s" at the end of architects, as most projects are a team effort!


TLA intends to work together with NGO’s, companies, communities, architects, governments etc. to take on challenges all around the world to help improve cities, sustainability, resilience and living conditions.


For more information please do not hesitate and contact The Lone Architects via the contact form, e-mail or phone.

Op alle werkzaamheden, diensten en producten van The Lone Architects is de DNR 2011 (herizen juli 2013) van toepassing.


Op verzoek kan de DNR 2011 worden toegezonden.