Many cities around the world are facing complex Urban challenges like poverty, low education, unemployment and housing. Currently more than one billion people are living in slum like circumstances. These are so called “wicked problems”. Problems that cannot be dealt with by a single solution, but only by starting a process of change. The strength of architecture and urban design is the design process which can function as a catalyst, a mediator in these complex problems, because architecture itself is wicked.


The Lone Architects see it as a mission to use this wickedness of design to help improve social economic circumstances and living conditions for the many people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods, informal settlements and slums. Even a design for a small building or urban acupuncture can contribute to this goal.


With the The Lone Architects I take on this challenge by doing research, initiate projects, (re-)design and/or implement architectural and urban projects that house, support, connect and create new opportunities for communities. By working together with communities, NGOs, Businesses, Schools and Universities, Municipalities and Governments I aim to bridge the gap between grass roots and top down organisations.



As the first of the The Lone Architects I design for a sustainable future. By using more locally available and renewable materials we can lower the impact on the environment. By designing with the local climate it is possible to create comfortable buildings that use less energy and thereby lower the impact on the environment even more. Our cities have to live with the planet, not just on it.